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Why You Should Become a Member of the US CPTED Association

As a CPTED Practitioner, there are few opportunities to network and promote CPTED programs at a local or national level. We have observed programs that we identify as CPTED programs, but the name used is entirely different. Why don’t more people promote the concepts and the use of the acronym CPTED in the process? We see more “Generations” of CPTED, but there are many throughout the US who have not had the opportunity to learn the basic principles let alone apply them. Many government and private sector groups list CPTED as one of their objectives but when asked what it is, the response is entirely different than what we have all learned as Practitioners. As a member of the United States CPTED Association you can become part of a movement to provide the foundation and support network to apply CPTED at a local and national level. It has been a difficult process for many Practitioners to promote and apply these principles in their cities, schools, or companies. Now you can be part of a network whose goal is to design safe, sustainable, engaged communities and create the support that is needed to accomplish this at a national level.

Networking Opportunities

Network with CPTED Practitioners from the US and share ideas and programs that have worked for you. Provide online and in person training sessions and share that information with others who have a similar vision.

Network Growth

As part of a network of peers, you can design and establish CPTED programs at a local and national level.


Draw inspiration from others who are just as committed to bring positive change to communities by working with community members to bring their vision of safe, sustainable communities to reality.


Be part of the change! By working with communities, government, corporations, and non-profits, you can be part of an Association whose goal is to design safe, sustainable communities. Through networking, training, and community engagement, the US CPTED Association can be the source to effectively communicate what those changes can be.

Access to Education and Training

As part of the US CPTED Association, you will have the opportunity to educate and learn from others about successful CPTED programs and what can be done as an association to promote those programs at a local or national level.

Giving Back

As a member of the US CPTED Association, you will learn from other CPTED Practitioners on the value of community and how we as an Association can give back and be part of a positive, community driven change.


As a member of the US CPTED Association, you have an opportunity to establish a level of professionalism that is recognized by all CPTED Practitioners in the United States.

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Membership Benefits
  • Professional Recognition
  • Access to education and training
  • Networking opportunities
  • Access to the membership directory
  • Improve your professional profile
  • Memberships discounts
  • Access to the US CPTED Association Library
  • Certificate of membership
  • Opportunities to give back to the CPTED community
  • Supporting the US CPTED Association mission
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