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The US CPTED Association is a national network that supports Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) Practitioners that utilize CPTED concepts to design safe and sustainable communities. CPTED is a multidisciplinary approach that supports elements from urban and architectural design, placemaking, tactical urbanism, community engagement, and security & safety. By combining strategies from these programs, it allows the  Practitioner the opportunity to successfully apply them in a variety of settings. The CPTED premise is “the proper design and effective use of the built environment can lead to a reduction in incidents and fear of crime and improvement in quality of life.”

CPTED Practitioners now more than ever have an opportunity to shape and design communities. With support from the US CPTED Association, you now have a platform to share information and network with other practitioners in the United States. We promote change that not only creates safe and sustainable communities today but for the future. Including CPTED strategies as part of the process ensures a sustainable long-term program with the flexibility to adapt to a communities needs that will influence the next generation of CPTED Practitioners.

The goal of the United States CPTED Association is to provide the foundation and support network to formally apply CPTED at the local and national levels. Through education, networking, and collaboration, this goal is achievable with your support.

Join the nationwide effort to establish CPTED design standards and programs. Our collective voices can make a difference! Join today.

The United States CPTED Association will offer webinars, workshops, and an annual conference presented by members for CPTED professionals. All US CPTED Association members will have an opportunity to submit topic proposals to present. A listing of event topics and times will be posted on the event registration page in advance. All events will include topics that relate to the application of CPTED.

US CPTED Association Mission

The mission of the US CPTED Association is to connect with CPTED Practitioners throughout the United States in order to share ideas and information and to promote Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design principles to reduce opportunities for crime, empower communities, and improve quality of life for all individuals.

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