2024 Conference Presenters/Topics List

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“Balancing Historic Preservation and CPTED”

Kathleen Jennings, MA, City of Lynchburg, VA Police Department


“CPTED and Human Behavior”

 Stephan Masson, Arcadia Cognerati


“Being Proactive as Possible With University Campus Safety Using CPTED “

Mark Schreiber, CPP, Principal Consultant

Safeguards Consulting


 “Neighborhood Crime Issues and the Application of CPTED – Detroit, MI” 


Linda Nubani, PhD. Associate Professor in Interior Design. School of Planning, Design, and Construction. Michigan State University. nubanili@msu.edu 

Julie M. Krupa, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, School of Criminal Justice, Michigan State University. krupajul@msu.edu

Alaina De Biasi, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Wayne State University. adebiasi@wayne.edu


“CPTED and Premise Liability – Florida HB 837”

Mario De Graff, Signal 14

Mike Dally, Signal 14


“CPTED – The critical first line of defense & preparedness when countering the threat of active shooter & violent critical incidents.”

Terry Conlon, PC, PGC, ACI, CPD, RFC Security Group

Rodney Andreason, Xscpt, LLT

Carlos Austin, FCP, Miami Gardens, FL Police Department

Joseph Hendry, PSP, CLEE, Navigate 360


“Blinded by the Light? Street Lighting’s Impact on Crime Prevention” 

Ari Isaak, GISP, CFLC, Founder – Evari GIS Consulting


“Applying CPTED in Your Campus Master Plan and Construction Standards” 

Christina Costa, Project Manager and Certified Facilities Professional, University of Texas at Austin

Richard Costa, Project Manager, Certified Facilities Professional, University of Texas at Austin


“Enhancing Economic Development through Crime Reduction: The Role of CPTED Design Ideas in Urban Renewal”

 Jack Callanan, brivo 


“Graffiti Abatement Through Art Installation” 

Chris Barack, City of Auburn, WA


“Reducing Radicalization Through CPTED Principles by Protecting and Reinforcing Sense of Community and Activity Support in Community Spaces”

Herber Ubbens, CPP, PSP Paratus Consultants Group, LLC


“Using CPTED in Homeless Recovery”

Chris Evans, CPD Executive Director Antelope Property Business Improvement District (PBID)

Rebekah Evans, CPD SacNav, Inc. & Evans Consulting


“Future of CPTED – Where are we today?”

Jamie Rae Walker, PhD Texas A & M University

Panel TBA


“Security Technology: Friend or Foe?” 

Ben Crum, President, Architectural Security Design Group


“Graffiti Abatement Through Art Installation”

Chris Barack, City of Auburn, WA


“Small Scale CPTED – Applying CPTED Principles to Individual / Commercial Properties”

Joshua Troxell, Vice-President, and Senior Regional Security Consultant for First Citizens Bank.


“Enhancing Public Space Safety of the W. D. Hill Recreation Center through a CPTED-Focused Planning Process”

Lindsay Smart, AICP, CPD Sr. Park and Trails Planner, City of Durham


“CPTED Mix and Match”

Ben Crum – Window Glazing

Mark Schreiber – Security Systems / CCTV

Rusell Kolins – Premise Liability and CPTED

Art Hushen – Lighting 

Additional Panel Members TBA


Hours and topics are subject to change.

Marshall Student Center Ballroom– Conference Location

Crescent Hill Parking Garage for parking – Follow signs to parking deck.

University of South Florida Campus Map


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